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The current model funding the progression of technology is unsustainable.

Let's face it: open source developers work for pennies on the dollar. It is near impossible to make a living contributing to open source, and the developers who do can make a living only make tiny fractions of the income that their projects bring in for large companies.

I'm Tyler, and I founded Equalize Digital because I felt like I had ideas that could flip this model on its head. I want to provide developers a route to monetize their projects and knowledge through more than the traditional means of asking for donations and backers. Even if I couldn't give people a new living, it takes baby steps to make change in an industry as big as computer programming.

I believe that Immutable Coffee is the first step in the right direction. Immutable Coffee is a question and answer site that allows subject field experts (read: open source developers) to make money answering technical style one-on-one questions.

It is cutting edge software, especially as far as funding models go. Minus server costs and wages, all of the money processed through Immutable Coffee will go directly back to the developers and experts answering questions for the community. It's our belief that this will spur higher quality discussion, motivate stronger, in-depth answers, and let everyone in our community be just a little bit better off.

If you're interested in answering questions for Immutable Coffee, email us at equalizedigitaldev@gmail.com. We're super, super eager to start giving back to the community in that regard.

(This entire site was largely a one man project, so please excuse any roughness around the edges of the user experience. As of writing this post, there are only 2 people answering questions -- and one of them is me -- so I sincerely apologize for any delay or difficulty in using the site. We can only do so much alone!)

Thanks for reading this little blurb, and all of us here at equalize hope you enjoy using Immutable Coffee.

~Tyler Limkemann, founder at equalize digital. October 21, 2019.